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Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fodder

Life sure has a way of not going as planned or the way you envisioned. You can meticulously plan out every detail and measure when you will hit every milestone, but swimming in the ocean that is life can knock you on your ass. Even if you are one of those who play it safe only putting your toes in. There is always that one rogue wave ready to suck you in, rip your top off, and put sand in places you didn’t know existed. As you are beaten into the ocean floor, cheeks scraping shells and thinking this is it I am about to drown, and then… You pop up with a bruised face and equally as bruised ego clutching where your bathing suit used to be. And, that’s when you see all of your people standing there with towels in hand, ready to help. They reassure you that everything is ok, that is happens to everyone, and that this will make one helluva story later.

ALSO…there’s this

I have been told you can’t go looking for happiness in other people but that you need to find it in yourself. I can see some truth in that, but my happiness is found when I look into the eyes of the people with whom I am the closest. Creating experiences and sharing memories, even with the youngest of my loved ones makes me happy. Here’s to my friends (the family that I got to pick), my siblings, my niece and nephews, and of course, my cousins.

Time is a lot more precious when you are older. It is harder to get together with those that you love because everyone is busy or tired. And, that’s ok. You get to spend your time the way you want and with whom you want. This means you can also opt out from hanging out with people because you don’t owe anyone anything. But, you do owe yourself living your best life.

My best life would be lived by spending time with the folks I named above, making memories, sharing experiences, and loving hard. I love you guys so hard! I also need to clear the fodder from my life. Time and energy are in short supply for me these days. I would like to focus on the people who share the same values and who want to be on the same beach as the other amazing people in my life. And when the lifeguard on duty is full of shit we should see that truth too and not be distracted by any flags used to separate and infuriate us. My passion is people and I got plenty of towels for you guys too.